Seetrac Tender Tracking System : provides Real-Time Location and Identification of watercraft, as they operate around a Superyacht. Tender Status is provided on the main vessel, instantly alerting crew to alarms.
System Features include :
  • "PANIC" : buttons on all tenders and jet-skis. Alarm is raised on the main vessel Charting System, and via relay output, integrates into main Alarm system
  • "TOW-GUARD" : an alarm will be raised if the tender tow rope breaks. Alarm relay output onboard, integrates into main Alarm system
  • "Scout-ahead" Tender Depth is presented on the Main Vessel Chart system
  • "Globe-trak" Using custom Skywave Inmarsat Satellite Transponders, Tenders are plotted direct to chart, as normal Seetrac targets. This ensures that no matter how far from the main vessel, they are never lost. Panic Alarm fully integrated. Web-login / Chart / Alarm Integration. Worldwide coverage. Flexible airtime packages (Brochure Download)

Available with leading Electronic Chart System providers :

Cirrus tender leaving harbour...

Transas : ( NS3000 ECS-I / ECDIS-I & NS4000 MFD )
Kongsberg : K-Bridge ECDIS
Raytheon : Pathfinder & Synapsis ECDIS
Imtech : 4500 ECDIS
Nobeltec : Admiral 9.0 / Admiral Max Pro V10 & 11
PC Maritime Superyacht and Professional
"NON-Seetrac Interface" ARPA target display (no depth)
and soon to be others..

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